Quality and guarantee

lata pimentón de la vera DOP

Quality and guarantee



The recognition as a Protected Designation of Origin (Regulation EC No 982/2007 of the Commission), allows the availability to consumers of an authentic product, with guarantee of origin and traditional elaboration, with the guarantee of the accredited certification of the ENAC (the Spanish National Accreditation Body) by its certification system.

Quique Dacosta y el Pimenton de la Vera
Quique Dacosta cocina con uno de sus productos favoritos: el Pimentón de La Vera

The recognition of Pimentón de la Vera across the national territory is endorsed by distinctions, awards and articles in important newspapers from the national press.

Manuel Pérez Buendía, author of this ABC article, referred to Pimentón de la Vera and its particular smoky flavour, saying "the wide, warm, life-giving perfume of ground pepper expands through the room. Our senses’ antenna captures it and incorporates its whole essence. We are possessed by a spirited burst. We feel more energy in our movements and a greater clarity in our feelings. A spiritual, reflective and quiet joy influences us and allows us to see things with a friendly, generous smile. This is the power of pimentón’s aroma. Do consider the physical and regenerative effects of condiments! ".

Pérez Buendía refers in the same article to the fame that Pimentón de la Vera already had among consumers, saying "It comes as no surprise the reputation gained through the effort of management and work. Pimentón de la Vera enters both Spanish and foreign homes. It is irreplaceable in the kitchen. The index of its uses also extends to other areas of the economy...”

Pimentón de la Vera has been an essential component in sausage production since ancient times, in places famous for the quality of its pork products such as Salamanca, with the renowned sausages of Guijuelo, León, an important centre of cured meat production, La Rioja known for its chorizo and with an important meat industry, and of course Badajoz, and in particular, the southwest of the province. All these areas have always used Pimentón de la Vera as a preservative, colorant and condiment, helping to achieve a high quality end product.

Pimentón de La Vera y embutidos

Well known dishes such as lamb or pork stew, tomato soups, migas, or Galician-style octopus would not be right without being seasoned by a good Pimentón de la Vera.

The good culinary characteristics of Pimentón de la Vera, together with its nutritional qualities, high antioxidant power and high vitamin content, especially A and C, means that it is currently recommended by important nutritionists such as Cristina Galiano. Her book “Menus to be healthy and not put on weight” expressly recommends the use of Pimentón de la Vera in many of the described recipes, and in particular highlights the properties pimentón has over others, saying on page 248, “Pimentón de la Vera has an unmistakeable aroma and flavour, being lightly smoky. Although other pimentón is of great quality, none are so special.” 

Unique smoky aroma and taste

Nowadays, it has become essential in the kitchen, of traditional use in dishes, it has been incorporated into avant-garde culinary creations, contributing its differential qualities of aroma
and intense flavor. Sweet, sour or spicy, types of paprika with different nuances of flavour.

Pimentón de La Vera DOP

The Paprika from La Vera, associated with quality meat elaborations, provides these with unique aromas and flavours, with great colour stability over time, maintaining their organoleptic qualities.

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