The area

paisaje de la vera

The area

The area of production of the peppers to elaborate the Paprika of La Vera is constituted by the municipalities in the natural region of La Vera, Campo Arañuelo, Valle del Ambroz, Valle del Alagón and Arrago, in the north of the province of Cacéres. Abundant and crystalline waters from the Sierra de Gredos irrigate the pepper fields.

The definitive establishment of the crop in La Vera took place in the middle of the 18th century, on small plots of land by the right bank of the Tiétar River, substituting the cultivation of flax in the flax fields.

The La Vera region gives its name to the product being protected, bringing together the conditions of tradition, prestige, the need for protection and specialisation of the pimentón sector.

The traditional geographical zone also extends to other regions: the Ambroz valley, Campo Arañuelo and the Alagón plains.

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The plant brought from America by Christopher Columbus on his third journey, was perfectly adapted for use in this region with the plant’s growth favoured by its particular microclimate, with gentle temperatures in winter and dry summers. This microclimate is due to the protection from the polar winds given by the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, part of the Sistema Central. 

Campo de La Vera
The firewood coming from the pruning of the oaks and used in the drying of the peppers, allows to maintain the ecosystem of the pasture, providing the Paprika of La Vera with a singular aroma and flavour.
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